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Add CheapStepper lib

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[submodule "server/cytrill-server"]
path = server/cytrill-server
url =
[submodule "firmware/lib/CheapStepper"]
path = firmware/lib/CheapStepper
url =
Subproject commit e5315fec8b7491524a0bc4dd7d2f53744ffc7063
This directory is intended for the project specific (private) libraries.
PlatformIO will compile them to static libraries and link to executable file.
The source code of each library should be placed in separate directory, like
"lib/private_lib/[here are source files]".
For example, see how can be organized `Foo` and `Bar` libraries:
| |--Bar
| | |--docs
| | |--examples
| | |--src
| | |- Bar.c
| | |- Bar.h
| |--Foo
| | |- Foo.c
| | |- Foo.h
| |- readme.txt --> THIS FILE
|- platformio.ini
|- main.c
Then in `src/main.c` you should use:
#include <Foo.h>
#include <Bar.h>
// rest H/C/CPP code
PlatformIO will find your libraries automatically, configure preprocessor's
include paths and build them.
See additional options for PlatformIO Library Dependency Finder `lib_*`:
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