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# BOB3 support library
This library is intended for the [BOB3 educational board](
It provides a nice and easy API for all board functions.
## Getting started
To write a firmware for BOB3, you need to write a .cpp file containing:
* `#include <BOB3.h>`
This allows you to use functions from the library.
* the function `void setup()`
This function is executed during bootup of the chip.
* the function `void loop()`
The function is executed periodically until power is cut.
You may want to start with the example program [example.cpp](example.cpp) and modify it to your liking.
## Compiling
To compile the program `example.cpp`:
make example.compile
If it works, the output will be a file called `example.hex`.
## Programming
To program `example.hex` into the BOB3 MCU:
make example.program
This will also automatically (re-)compile `example.hex` if necessary.
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