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Update README and add information about Semantic Wiki query

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......@@ -19,7 +19,9 @@ To use this module, you need at least:
## CLI
For convenience and testing purposes, a simple CLI is included:
usage: jht_flyergen [-h] [-p PRINT] (-u [URL] | -f PATH) [output]
usage: jht_flyergen [-h] [-d [DAY]] [-l] [-m HOMEPAGE] [-p PRINT] [-t]
(-U | -u [URL] | -f PATH)
positional arguments:
output path to output file; if omitted raw PDF data is
......@@ -27,17 +29,45 @@ positional arguments:
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-d [DAY], --day [DAY]
day of month (default: 28)
-l, --links generate QR codes with links to sessions' wiki pages
-m HOMEPAGE, --homepage HOMEPAGE
JHT homepage URL
-p PRINT, --print PRINT
print filtered data of session with index PRINT,
starting at 1; 0 prints all sessions
-t, --tex print tex document to stdout
data sources:
-U, --print-default-url
print default URL and exit
-u [URL], --url [URL]
URL to fetch JSON data from; if URL is omitted, a
hard-coded URL returning test data is used
hard-coded default URL is used
-f PATH, --file PATH path to file containing JSON data
## Data source
Default URL was generated with Semantic Wiki's [Special:Ask]( page using the following settings:
* Condition:
[[Category:Session]] [[Is for kids::yes]]
* Printout selection:
?Has description=description
?Has subobject.Has session location=location
?Has subobject.Has start time=starts
?Has subobject.Has end time=ends
* limit: 128
* offset: 0
* link: all
Sorting is done by the script, so we don't care about it here.
## Templates
At the moment the module uses a bundled, "hard-coded" [LaTeX template](jht_flyergen/template.tex).
Maybe support for custom templates will be added once the thing works as expected and was tested
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