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A C++ Library providing a 'std::string' parser for JavaScript Object Notation. The STL container are in favor to represent the Json entities: Object, Array and Value.
C++11/14 standard is required to compile the library.
Code Example
"hobbys":["hacking", "gaming"],
#include <JsonPP.h>
using namespace Ccd::Json;
/* get your Json somehow and store it into the std::string */
auto jsonObject = JsonPP::objectFromString(myJsonString);
/* now access the object values with the subscript operator[] */
auto userName = jsonObject["user_name"].toString();
auto userAge = jsonObject["user_data"]["age"].toInt();
auto hobbys = std::vector{};
for ( auto item : jsonObject["user_data"]["hobbys"]){
hobbys = item.toString();
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